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IfT at the kick-off meeting for the EU HyLENA project in Brussels

IfT at the kick-off meeting for the EU HyLENA project in Brussels

The Institute of Thermodynamics is pleased to announce that we will be participating in the EU-funded HyLENA (Hydrogen Electrical Engine Novel Architecture) project.

HyLENA faces the challenge of researching, developing and optimizing a pioneering and highly efficient electric aircraft engine based on the innovative integration of solid oxide fuel cells and an electric motor with turbomachinery. By cleverly combining electrical and thermal energy, this project aims to increase the efficiency of future propulsion systems. This visionary approach could prove to be a promising alternative for the future propulsion technology of the next generation of low-emission aircraft.

The Institute of Thermodynamics has recruited Pascal Köhler and Cagatay Necati Dagli to lead the project and promote it internationally at conferences. They are supported by our Senior Engineer, Jan Hollmann, and the Institute's long-standing expertise in solid oxide fuel cells, both in simulation and experiment, as well as experience in high-temperature heat transfer. Based on these resources, the Institute is confident that it can successfully tackle this challenging task.

After a long planning phase and approval by the EU, the Institute of Thermodynamics met with the project leader Airbus and the other partners TU Delft, DLR Stuttgart, Bauhaus Luftfahrt and LEPMI in Brussels to herald the start of the project.

Stay tuned to learn more about our research and future activities in the field of hydrogen-based hybrid-electric aircraft!

Many thanks to the CINEA HORIZON EUROPE team for selecting and funding the project.